A Competitive Advantage
·· November 2004 ··
Associates Interior Architecture website launched.
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A Competitive Advantage
·· November 2004 ··
ARII·SMITS + Associates Interior Architecture website launched.
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Established In 2000

MIR Consulting was formed in 2000 and has since become highly successful providing high quality service to its clients.

Establishing a competitive Internet presence

Establishing, managing and maintaining an effective Internet presence can be an intimidating challenge weather you are an Internet novice or an online veteran or weather you operate a larger corporation, medium size company or work from home. Whatever your business is, your Internet site is the "Virtual Shop Front" you present to the world and there are a number of factors which contribute to its success.

Strategic Objectives

First and foremost it is essential to establish clear strategic objectives for your web site, identifying the kind of solutions your organization needs, and focusing realistically on specific customer and product targets.

Design & Content

Of equal importance is establishing the "look" and "functionality" that best meets your organization's strategic objectives – now and for the immediate future. The quality of a Web site’s content depends on its uniqueness, timeliness, clarity, entertainment value, and ease of access and user-friendly navigation capabilities.

Internet Commerce

Enabling your Web site for secure Internet commerce transactions is fundamental for online retailing. Whatever the size of your organization, proven processes and procedures – such as those offered by MIR Consulting – will ensure your customers are confident in using their credit card online.


The Internet is an interactive vehicle – and to create customer loyalty; to keep the online corporate or private customer coming back to your Web site again and again, he or she needs to be actively involved.


Whether you are contemplating your company’s first Web site or looking to enhance an existing one, performance is a key consideration. Your customers will expect speedy connections and rapid response times; while you need reliability you can count on, and expert support.

MIR Standards: Site-Wide Policy

At MIR we strive to provide our customers with the knowledge that all of the material contained within the site is in no way bias to any particular group, individual or influence within any community. Therefore the sites, pages and links contained within MIR have been pre-approved and cross-checked against anyone publicly posting material which is found to be offensive, racial, or discriminatory to any group or individual.

MIR reserves the right to remove any material or links that contain any offensive material or content.

MIR reserves the right to pass on information in relation to offensive material or content to the appropriate bodies to carry out any further action.

MIR reserves the right to promote a "free trade" or competitive commercial environment and therefore not be restricted to what sites are listed or posted.

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